Funked Up Fluff Products

Funked Up Fluff isn’t messing around.

We’re all about the magic of the world around us and living within the offerings of mother nature.

Paula chooses natural fibres because they last. They fluff up in the washing machine and they’re biodegradable. That means it’s an investment worth making – not only for your wallet but for the environment too.

As any lover of natural fibre knows: natural fibre wears the warmest. You’ll feel the difference by replacing synthetic items in your wardrobe with key pieces made of natural fibres.

Funked Up Fluff and The Sock Situation

Paula lovingly handcrafts one of a kind socks specifically for Canadian toes. They’re created to stand strong against the coldest of winters – as you know that’s no small challenge!

Funked Up Fluff uses old-fashioned techniques to produce the quality of days gone by and pairs it with modern functionality and style. Your socks are going to last and they’re going to look amazing doing it.

They’re socks as hardy and unique as the Canadians that fill ’em.

Sock Gallery

Funked Up Fluff pampers your feet with pure cosy delight. Take care of your hard working feet with luxury.

My husband has 3 pairs of these socks. They wash beautifully and they keep him warm. He's been ill these past few months and these (very bright and colourful) socks have helped lift his mood AND keep him from trying to sneakily turn up the heat in the house.

Colleen T.


Colleen T.

Want to see the pictures in more detail? Check them out here

Improve Your Sock Situation

I regularly attend local and regional shows around Ontario. For a full list, head on over to the “Meet Me” section.

If you’re not in Ontario then there’s no need to fear! Your toes can still be the toastiest ones ever. Have a look on Instagram or Facebook, there’s a good chance you’ll see your dream socks available. Once you see them, send me a message and I’ll get them mailed to you ASAP!

If you’re desperate for some custom sock love then drop me an email! I consider each request but sock making is hard work. Orders are accepted during quiet business times only.

Handspun Yarn

Paula specializes in creating one of a kind handspun yarns made with luxury fibres from indie shepherds and dyers.

Armed with raw fibres, the occasional dyes, her wheels, and a passion for colour and unique wear, Funked Up Fluff offers knitters and crafters the resources to take their practice to the next level.

Adding handspun yarn to any project is a surefire way to make you stand out from the crowd and make your efforts last longer.

Handspun Yarn Gallery

Delighting you with decadent textures for your hands and art projects

Fabulous yarn, super fast shipping. I'll be back!!


Want to see the pictures in more detail? Check them out here

Funk Up Your Yarn Collection

Handspun will make your world a better place. Everything is better with beautiful fibres and vibrant colours.

To get your hands on some Funked Up Fluff handspun, be sure to swing by the upcoming shows. If you’re not local, get in touch, and I’ll send you images of my current selection.

Off The Needles

We get it. It’s really tough to choose a yarn when you’re not sure how it looks knitted up.

This gallery is created to give you a true appreciation of the textures and quality of handspun knitting. While finished items disappear quickly (I mean, who can resist a soft, decadent cowl?!), the striking presentation and final quality remain the same across all our products.

Off The Needles Gallery

Beautiful demonstrations of art yarn and luxury fibres as finished items. If you’re interested in a finished product please check out our social media as we share them there first.

Want to see the pictures in more detail? Check them out here

Wrap Up In Luxury

While we’re not able to take custom orders at this time, great efforts are made to have a small selection of quality, colourful items at our shows.

If you’re eager to preview these cozy luxuries then hop on over to Instagram and Facebook.